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    Vietnam exports to US rise 28 pct as China-US trade war intensifies.

  • No wonder the Germans won half of the world's Nobel prize, look at 0-6 years old to learn what!

    Children age 6 most suitable for preschool education how? What kind of education can kill the child's natural precious things, what kind of education will make these precious things to bloom and benefit the whole life? In twentieth Century, Germany has more Nobel prizes than any other country, swept the world half of the Nobel prize. The Germans are well known for their rigorous education, and they have come from the practice of thinking over and over again. "Three years old look big, seven years old look old", also is the case, the German children's pre-school education is also the world's attention, they in the end is how to cultivate so many excellent talents?

  • Vietnam's rice export price is on the downward trend

    Vietnam’s 5 percent broken rice prices RI-VNBKN5-P1 fell to $325 per tonne, their lowest since November 2007, versus last week’s $325-$330 range.

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